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Prehistoric Adventure

My New Glass Vase

March 22, 2015

One of my friends recently picked up a new hobby. She has gotten into glass making. She is an amazing artist. Every year she learns something new so she can expand her abilities. She came over for coffee the other day to explain what she has been learning.

She said that first she had to mix the components to form the glass. Then she would heat it and shape it. I was blown away and had a lot of questions for her. We talked about the basic ingredients. One of them was ground silica. I had no idea what that was, and she explained it was ground up sand that was made up entirely of silicon and oxygen.

I told her I thought silicon was used in computer chips. She thought that was funny, and she said it was. It is also used in glass making, and it was an important ingredient. She made me a beautiful glass vase, and now I know how she did it.

Suddenly Incoherent

March 8, 2015

My family, and I have been close for years, we have always looked close and cared about each of our health problems. My brother Charlie and I have been noticing in our mother for the past couple weeks that she has been lacking to respond to our vocals. We were really unsure about what it was. We thought it could have possibly been old age, at 74 years old. We called and had made her a doctor’s appointment with Medical director John L. Garcia. We then found out that she has suffered from hearing loss, and is in need of hearing aids Manchester immediately. The doctor recommended we take her to an eyes, ears, and throat doctor, which we certainly did. We ended up having to drive several hours to the nearest specialist for what our mother Jane was in need of. The process was simple, and painless the doctor had inserted a professional permanent hearing device into our mother Jane’s ear. After 2 months after the surgery everything is going great our mother is back to normal, and is snappy and Getty as she was 20 years ago.

Rainbows, clouds and furry critters

February 27, 2015

Janelle stood in her unborn babies nursery. As she rubbed her belly, that was bursting with the life of her baby girl, she dreamed of this room that would be filled with adorable baby things. Janelle had painted the walls a sunny yellow. Rainbows, clouds and teeny, furry critters dance across her little girl’s room. Janelle was always a very talented artist, who had worked hard to be able to make a career out of what she loved. This was not the first wall mural that she had made, but it was the only one for her very, own daughter. With pink, Manchester blinds on a large, bay window this room was progressing along at a speedy pace. With only three more weeks until the projected due date of her bundle of joy, Janelle was excited to welcome her new baby to this world.

A Playful Afternoon

February 8, 2015

Recently, a friend and I were bored and looking for something to do. When we couldn’t find a movie to go see or a new restaurant to try, we started scouring the local ads looking for a good way to spend a couple of hours. We laughed when we saw an ad for a circus workshop in our local area, but we decided it was such a silly idea that we just had to try it. Since we had no preconceived notions of what to expect, we went in with open minds and were ready to have fun. We were amazed at all we learned and the hands-on activities we got to try. We truly spent the afternoon laughing together as the time slipped by too quickly. We were glad that we decided to go and have spent many hours telling our other friends stories of our silly circus afternoon.

A Landscaper’s Dream

January 20, 2015

Any gardener or landscaper is familiar with using rocks or pebbles. Some tiny stones are effective in stopping drainage around flowers, plants, and small trees. Easy on the eyes, stones add a rocky, natural element to whatever it surrounds. Whereas rocks are big and clunky, most gravel is easy to move; however, the same rocky effect is achieved, albeit in a far daintier way.

In many cases, pea gravel is a dream for landscapers. The small pebbles can be loaded into the bed of a truck, and then scooped out and placed wherever it is needed. It feels and moves like sand, yet looks like rocks. It can also be used to make cement, giving the pebbles an elemental quality gardeners and landscapers dream of. The dream becomes real when a worker uses his shovel to pat down the tiny pebbles, turning the ground into a stony walkway.


December 22, 2014

Our family gatherings are always a noisy time, and the noise can reach painful levels. With our folks getting a bit older, their hearing isn’t what it used to be, and the voices have increased to compensate. The loudest of the loud is my mother-in-law. She has been able to increase the level so that her husband can hear her talking. My father-in-law, like so many others, has gone through life without the benefit of proper hearing protection, and is now paying the price with irreparable hearing loss.

Last year, my father-in-law received new digital hearing aids and he enjoys having them and being able to hear again. After receiving them, I asked my in-laws how they are doing with the new aids. She told me they weren’t working so well, and thought they needed to be adjusted. My father-in-law took me aside and told me he just keeps them turned down when she is around!